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The lost guns of the Mars


This is one of many sources that gives us a hint about the Guns, lost on Mars (The headline reads “Bleff Bårtta på Mars”, and means lost on Mars). The bronze guns was according to this source two Canons, two ¾ Canons, two Culverins (Notslanga), seven ½ Canons, ten field Culverins, four ¾ Culverins, 20 ½ Culverins, six falcuns and 48 falcunettes. Together with the four iron stone-guns, the artillery in this source summarizes to 105 guns in ten different sizes. The amount differs in other sources. I am looking forward to scrutinize the sources and compare them with the findings below the surface. Diving in the archives and further research will tell.

/Ingvar Sjöblom, Swedish National Defence College.