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Tall Ship Battle 3D

Tall Ship Battle 3D is a true David and Goliath story. When Mars was built in the mid-16th century she was the world’s largest battleship; “unsinkable” likea Titanic of her time—and with powerful guns to keep enemy ships at bay. Yet in her first major battle she goes under, overpoweredby a fleet of smaller and more agile ships that refuse to bow to the might and glory of the giant tall ships.

Using state-of-the-art surveying technology, the epic discoveries and scientific exploration of the gargantuan admiral ships will help maritime archaeologists unlock the
secrets of tall ship naval warfare. Replicas of the huge guns will be tested to see if it was possibleto sink a ship from afar. Could cannonballs really penetrate their
thick oak hull? How was it to be a gunner on a tall ship in battle? How was war at sea fought and how did tactics and the ships evolve over time?

Tall Ship Battle 3D will be produced by Ocean Diiscovery, Deep Sea Production and Scandinature.  Filming will start in 2012. See this very early teaser to get an idea of this upcoming film. 

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