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The base camp at Böda hamn

The base of operations have been Böda hamn, Öland. Deep sea production´s boat the Zen have worked as a floating restaurant. Excellent food have been served everyday boosting the moral of the crew. MMT´s ship Askholmen have worked as a diving platform. The ship have plenty of space for 10 divers and crew. On board is a state of the art survey system, a Kongsberg multibeam sonar. The multi beam sonar have been used to survey the Mars and make exact measurements of the wreck site. The ship is also equipped with dynamic positioning which enables the vessel to stay at an exact position regardless of wind.

The RIB Skutt was used as a support vessel.


In front Askholmen and behind the Zen. Photo Ingemar Lundgren/Ocean Discovery 


Photographer Ingemar Lundgren preparing to dive onboard Askholmen