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Illuminating Mars

Erik Börjeson is building a light rig for this summers Mars project. The small scale prototype is tested and working and he is now going full scale. The total output from the LED lights will be 4500W. That is about the same as 20 Halcyon 200W HMI lights! This will be unreal. The light output will be 400.000 lumen! The goal is to illuminate 400 square meters to be able to reach F5,6 at ISO 800. There is virtually no ambient light on the Mars wreck so this artificial sun will be awesome for the filming and for still photography. It will be powered by a 6000w top side generator. A four point mooring will be set up to hold a ship with generator above the site. The amazing images on the Ghost ship used a light rig producing 100.000 lumen, this will have 4 times that output.