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Mars shipwreck press coverage

For you who follows the Mars project! Here are some links of recent media exposures! Enjoy!

The 1564 Maritime Battlefield of "Mars"
"The Society's support makes it possible for us to expand our exploration of the area surrounding the Mars wreckage, which will broaden our understanding and appreciation of the ship's historic battle and will likely lead to new and exciting discoveries."

National Geographic Society Supports Exploration of Famed Swedish Warship Mars the Magnificent…/national-geographic-…/

Cursed Warship Revealed With Treasure Onboard
Researchers and divers have started studying the secrets the Mars, the pride of Sweden's 16th-century navy, has held for 450 years.…/140707-mars-shipwreck…/

450-Years Old cursed warship yields treasure trove of artifacts…/140707-mars-shipwreck…
Schiffswrack "Mars": Kampf um die Ostsee…/schiffswrack-mars-kampf-…

Svenskt örlogsfartyg från 1500-talet avslöjar historiska hemligheter…/svenskt-orlogsfartyg-fran-1500-talet-avs…
National Geographic Society stödjer utforskning av svenskt krigsfartyg…/national-geographic-society-stodjer-utfo…

Researchers explore cursed 450-year-old shipwreck at the bottom of the Baltic Sea…/researchers-explore-cursed-450-ye…/

Flag # 215: Mars the Magnificent with Richard Lundgren…/flag_215_mars_the_magnificent_wi…

Team to Complete Digital Reconstruction of Sunken Warship “Mars”…/…/