unparalleled data resolution

Innovative inspection methods

Ocean Discovery delivers 3D scanning data in outstanding resolution. We specialize in underwater inspections of environmentally hazardous wrecks, marine archeological documentation and inspection of ports, harbors and sea pipelines. With the help of advanced remote-controlled underwater robots, ROV, we can operate both off and in-shore.


3D scanning of wrecks, pipelines, bridge foundations, ports and tunnel inspections

Archaeological 3D mapping and investigations of wrecks and maritime remains

Advanced ROV system with video, ultra high-resolution still image capabilities, underwater positioning and real-time sonar

Survey of sea pipes, harbours, wrecks and underwater objects

Water analysis and thickness measurement with ultrasound from ROV

Visualizations, animations and digital restoration

Ocean Discovery’s innovative documentation methods creates new possibilities for shipwreck assessment and interpretations


Documentation of environmentally hazardous wrecks

Ocean Discovery is currently investigating three environmentally hazardous wrecks for the Swedish Maritime and Water Authority. There are approximately 17,000 shipwrecks along Sweden's coasts, 300 of which have been classified as environmentally hazardous

EIVA pointcloud 3D scanning

Detailed point clouds in EIVA

The EIVA Navimodel software is the market leader in the survey industry. Our 3D scanned data is directly compatible with EIVA and can be used for ROV navigation in 3D environment, hydrography and more.

Archaeological surveys at Stäket , Valstad

Västerviks Museum and Södertörn University/MARIS have an ongoing research project at Stäket, Valstad in Gamleby parish north of Västervik. This is a very exciting area with

3D scanning shipwreck

M/S Estonia to be reinvestigated

The Swedish government has decided to reinvestigate the M/S Estonia that sunk in 1994 with over 800 passengers tragically lost. Conspiracy theories have flourished since the ships sunk and last year new hole was located by a documentary team.

3D Scanning av vraket Mars

Government grant awarded

Swedish national heritage board have awarded Södertörn university and Västerviks museum grant to continue documenting the warship Mars (1554). Ocean Discovery will be in charge of the ROV investigation

3D scanning- undervattensinspektion- Vrak

ACC Group article

ACC Group, a Swedish manufacturer of sea and air drones have published an article about Ocean Discovery´s work with 3D documenting environmentally hazardous wrecks

Undervattensinspektion av vraket Skytteren

S/S Skytteren surveyed

In 2020 Ocean Discovery documented the environmentally hazardous wreck S/S Skytteren for Havs och Vattenmyndigheten. The wreck is located NW of Gothenburg , Sweden some 6nm offshore. The wreck site was 3D scanned to make

Undervattensinspektion och 3D scanning av vraket kraveln

New ROV documentation of "Kraveln" (1524)

New underwater documentation of "Kraveln" (1524).The ship belonged to the Swedish king Gustav Vasa and sank in the Stockholm archipelago loaded with, among other things, war equipment and guns.