Marine archaeological documentation

Ocean Discovery works closely with universities, government agencies, county administrative boards and museums as a consultant with special expertise in underwater documentation. The company possesses a wide range of technical know-how and uses the latest technology as hull mounted and towed side scans sonars as well as advanced remote-control robots with high-resolution video and still image capabilities.

Archaeological 3D Kartering

The company is a leader in 3D Scanning and possesses a unique ability to document maritime historical remains such as wrecks and cultural environments at several hundred meters depth. 3D scanning based on photogrammetry creates new possibilities for marine archaeological assessments and mappings as it provides an immediate overview and high level of detail. Both orthographic maps created with photogrammetry and recorded video can be geographically positioned with underwater positioning equipment.

Archaeological 3D mapping 

Archaeology contracting

Together with our partner Västerviks museum, we can offer a wide range of consulting services. Västervik Museum carries out archaeological contracting services, such as consultation, environmental impact assessments and archaeological surveys for exploitation such as , civil engineering, wind park establishments, wiring and dredging. Ocean Discovery's capacity in documentation technology, ship resources and technical equipment together with Västervik Museum's archaeological expertise gives us the opportunity to offer a unique concept for documentation, investigation, and interpretation.


We offer marine archaeological services such as

  • Archaeological surveys 
  • Archaeological 3D mapping 
  • Side Scan sonar mappings and bathymetry
  • Video and still image inspections of wrecks and maritime remains
  • Underlag till miljökonsekvensbeskrivningar och utredningar


ROV with high resolution cameras

Marinarkeologisk undersökning och utredning med ROV